RT3615 Portable Single Phase Energy Meter Test Bench


Energy Meter Test - Portable Meter Testing Equipment


Portable Single Phase Energy Meter Test Bench

Product Features:

1. 0.1%portable single-phase electric source integrative function

Voltage is 220V, with largest current 10A. It is possible to input different current and
angles.To chose different checking points by using [0]keying to check single-phase device.
This device also can set checking point unit that makes this device calibrate itself autom-
atically and save and print checking results.

2. Single-phase field use checking function

When it is used as a field testing device, it is a high-accuracy field use checking dev-
ice (±0.1%).But there are essential differences between this device and single-phase field
use checking device with electric meter chip. Through 16 bit A/D and high-speed 32 bit DSP
processor, it samples signals of voltage and current and calculates electric parameter. Me-
anwhile, its current output function can be used as analog virtual load, largely convenient
for filed measure of single-phase watt-hour meter.

3. Transformer’s self-calibration function

This device utilizes our company’s patent technology, automatically measuring transfor-
mer’s error and calibrating it, with the purpose to guarantee the constant stability of t-
ransformer’s error.

4. Waveform showing function: directly display U, I waveform;

5. Harmonic testing function: show all data of 2nd ~25th harmonic waveform in forms of

6. Save and query function: able to save 1000 pieces of checking records. Able to inqu-
ire in different ways, including fuzzy query;

7. Distant upgrade function: through download updating package, able to upgrade the so-
ftware system of RT3615 and enjoy new function and characteristics of RT3615 constantly;

8. Bilingual-language function: able to read both Chinese and English in the screen;

9. Help function: when press [F1], help interface will pop out;

10. Multi-ways of electricity supply: three ways to supply electric energy, using batt-
ery, electricity input online or external.


Technical Parameter:

Function Accuracy when using transformer Accuracy when using terminal
Main function Voltage 0.1% 0.1%
Current 0.3%(0.1~1000A)Guarantee long-term accuracy 0.1A~40A 0.1%(0.1A~20A)
Power 0.3%Guarantee long-term accuracy 1A~40A 0.1%
Active electric energy 0.3%Guarantee long-term accuracy 1A~40A 0.1%
Reactive electric energy 0.5% 0.3%
Harmonic wave 2~51th 0.1%
Others Inner virtual load Output current: 20A power:20VA
Crystal display 320x240 (color)
Communication RS232
Battery electric source Lithium battery (persistent work for 4 hours)
Electric energy impulse FH=3.6*100000000P/KW·H FH=3.6*10000P/KW·H
Data save 8M
Environment Ambient temperature -20~40℃ secure accuracy
Humidity 0~90% non-condensing secure accuracy
Dimension Size 249*154*58mm
Weight 1.5kg


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